landan’s vows.

as promised, i’m here sharing vows from our wedding. when landan found out daddy & i were writing our own personal vows to each other, he told me right away he wanted to write something special to each of us. hearing landan tell us in his own words how much happiness our marriage brings him was so special to brad & me. i am so honored to be landan’s stepmom. he is that awesome.

after brad & i exchanged vows, landan was asked by our officiant to come to the front and share his words with us. below you’ll find landan’s vows.

“dear daddy, you are the best booger ever. you made me egg and cheese toast every morning. thank you for being the best dad and my friend. i am so happy you found the most beautiful and nicest lady that tucks me in at night. my life has changed so much since i met mary. she has brought so much happiness to our family. i look up to you and i want to be just like you one day. i am happy to be your son and love our family with mary and elsie.”

i’ll pause briefly so you can grab the tissues. we’re not done yet…

“dear mary, you brought so much happiness in my life. i love singing with you in the car! i’m so happy you said yes to daddy! i’m so excited that you are officially my stepmom. you tuck me in every night. our dance parties are so much fun! you are the prettiest lady in the world and me and daddy are so lucky to get to see you every day! without you, i would have never joined swim team. you help me be responsible with school and my chores. you make my life soooo happy!”

so there you have it. straight from the heart of a ten-year-old. i can’t wait to get the photos and video footage so you all can hear it come out of his mouth. i’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye at the ceremony when he was finished.

ahhh…i love my family with brad, landan & elsie.

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